2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 181-185


You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which of these
practices should you follow when designing a Layer 3 routing protocol?
A. Never peer on transit links.
B. Build squares for deterministic convergence.
C. Build inverted U designs for deterministic convergence.
D. Summarize routes at the distribution to the core to limit EIGRP queries or OSPF LSA propagation.
Correct Answer: D

Observe the topology presented in the following exhibit, there is a full mesh in the core and the PE-CE
protocol is EIGRP. Which path is preferred from CE1 to CE3?
A. CE1-PE1-PE3-CE3
B. CE1-PE1-PE2-PE3-CE3
C. CE1-PE1-CE2-PE2-PE3-CE3
D. CE1-PE1-PE2-CE3
Correct Answer: A

The P4S company has just merged with the VR company. However, they keep IGP and BGP independent of each other. A common ISP provides them with services for their Internet connectivity. During the merge, the P4S company and the VR company will provision a
point-to-point link between the two networks.
What is the simplest design option that will allow data to travel between A and B without passing through the ISP?
A. configure iBGP between the two networks and block each others route’s from the ISP
B. configure OSPF and make OSPF routes more attractive than the same routes learned via EBGP from the ISP
C. configure EBGP between the two networks and block each other’s routes from the ISP D. configure OSPF between the two networks and block each others route’s from the ISP
Correct Answer: C

What can be prevented by configuring the password policy when using LDAP servers?
A. man-in-the-middle attacks
B. dictionary attacks
C. DoS attacks
D. flood attacks
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about CiscoWorks 2000 Inventory Manager is true?
A. It uses SNMP v1.
B. It scans devices for hardware information.
C. It scans and records the operational status of devices.
D. When the configuration of a device changes, the inventory is automatically updated.
Correct Answer: B

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