2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 176-180


You have multiple MPLS LSP domains that you want to internetwork. Your provider’s backbone is IP.
How to internetwork without disrupting the outlying MPLS domains or the provider?
A. have MP-BGP exchange labeled routes between the MPLS domains and the provider
B. have MPLS LSPs utilize GRE tunnels
C. use MPLS Traffic Engineering across the multiple MPLS domains and the core
D. have each PE receive IP packets, add an MPLS header, and forward them to the next PE in the LSP
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements are true about MLP interleaving? (Choose two.)
A. It fragments and encapsulates all packets in a fragmentation header.
B. Packets smaller than the fragmentation size are interleaved between the fragments of the larger packets.
C. Packets larger than the fragmentation size are always fragmented, and cannot be interleaved, even if the traffic is voice
D. It fragments and encapsulates packets that are longer than a configured size, but does not encapsulate smaller packets inside
a fragmentation header.
Correct Answer: BD

WRED is short for Weighted Random Early Detection. Which two descriptions are correct concerning
WRED? (Choose two.)
A. WRED throttles TCP-based applications to avoid congestion within the queue servicing the traffic.
B. WRED provides bandwidth guarantees for packets within a queue, and tells the scheduler the order in which queues should be
C. WRED allows thresholds to be applied to give higher priority applications access to limited buffer resources.
D. WRED can inform remote devices that there is congestion on the network by setting the pause bit within the ToS field,
instructing end devices to throttle their transmissions.
Correct Answer: AC

Observe the following exhibit carefully. Router P4S-A receives a packet destined for loopback 10 on router
P4S-D. Which path should this packet take on its way to the destination interface?
A. P4S-A-> P4S-C-> P4S-F-> P4S-D B. P4S-A-> P4S-C-> P4S-E-> P4S-D C. P4S-A-> P4S-C-> P4S-D
D. P4S-A-> P4S-C-> P4S-E-> P4S-F-> P4S-D
Correct Answer: D

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