2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 166-170


During a DoS attack, which IPv4 addressing and routing scheme could increase the availability of a network service?
A. multicast
B. unicast
C. anycast
D. broadcast
Correct Answer: C

In order to pinpoint the reason for a routing recursion error, which network management tool should a network manager consult?
A. debug (for BGP output) B. SNMP routing traps
C. syslog (for BGP errors) D. RMON events group
Correct Answer: A

The Cisco IOS SLB feature is a Cisco IOS-based solution that provides server load balancing. This feature allows you to define a virtual server that represents a cluster of real servers, known as a server farm. When a client initiates a connection to the virtual
server, the IOS SLB load balances the connection to a chosen real server, depending on the configured load balance algorithm or
Which three implementation modes may be used to deploy SLB? (Choose three.)
A. Router mode
B. One-arm mode
C. Three-arm mode
D. Bridge mode inline
Correct Answer: ABD

Which resource will be targeted by a TCP SYN flood attack?
A. connection tables on the target host
B. SYN cookies on the target host
C. send buffers on transit routers
D. shared memory on the routers closest to the target
Correct Answer: A

Which two benefits can be obtained by protecting the control plane of a network device? (Choose two.)
A. preserves the confidentiality of traffic encrypted by IPsec
B. prevents the delivery of packets from spoof sources
C. maintains routing protocol adjacencies with local neighbors
D. maintains remote management access to the router
Correct Answer: CD

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