2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 161-165


You work as a network technician for an IT company, you are tasked to deploy BGP across a satellite link system to a small number of retail stores.
What must be done in order to successfully deploy BGP in this situation?
A. manually configure static routes to back up BGP across the satellite link
B. configure all the BGP peering sessions across the satellite links as EBGP
C. configure the initial window size, maximum MTU, and TCP keepalive parameters
D. set the BGP hold timer to under one second
Correct Answer: C

Among the design criteria for a network is the requirement that bandwidth capacity be managed proactively. Which two techniques should be used to effectively support the proactive management of network bandwidth capacity? (Choose two.)
A. analyze network bandwidth utilization to establish a baseline
B. configure SNMP MIB collectors to trigger at utilization thresholds
C. implement utilization measurement and tracking measures in the network
D. implement QoS to increase available bandwidth and overall throughput
Correct Answer: AC
Section: (none)

You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. You are
designing an e-Commerce module, which routing statement is correct?
A. Routing is mostly static.
B. Hardcoded IP addresses are used to support failover.
C. Inbound servers use the CSM or ACE as the default gateway.
D. VLANs between the access layer switches are used for FHRP protocols.
Correct Answer: A

EIGRP performs route summarization at the interface level with the ip summary-address command. Which three statements correctly describe EIGRP route summarization? (Choose three.)
A. Summary routes are inserted in the routing table with a next hop of null 0 and a high administrative distance, to prevent
black holing of traffic.
B. By default, EIGRP automatically summarizes internal routes, but only each time a major network boundary is crossed.
C. EIGRP route summarization can reduce the query diameter to help prevent SIA problems.
D. The metric for each summarized route is inherited from the lowest metric of the component routes.
Correct Answer: BCD

For the following mechanisms, which two are preferred to detect Layer 2 link failures quickly? (Choose two.)
B. LDP keepalives C. fast RSVP hellos D. loss of signal
Correct Answer: AD

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