2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 156-160


Which two descriptions are not correct about IS-IS? (Choose two.)
A. ISIS pads each hello to a full MTU and can detect MTU mismatches between neighbors. B. With the exception of point-to-point, IS-IS treats all networks and interfaces as broadcast. C. In IS-IS, setting an overload bit will cause traffic to be black-holed.
D. IS-IS allows NSSA-like behavior via Level 2 to Level 1 route leaking.
Correct Answer: D

IS-IS supports which two network or interface types? (Choose two.)
A. point-to-point
B. Non-Broadcast Multiple Access
C. broadcast network
D. Broadcast Multiple Access
Correct Answer: AC

Recently, the P4S company has deployed a security audit and determined that a configuration management system is needed. Which two purposes can the system provide? (Choose two.)
A. an audit trail of users logging in to individual devices
B. an audit trail for changes conducted against multiple devices
C. secure storage and transmission of configurations to devices
D. compliance checking of configurations against approved templates
Correct Answer: BD

A network vulnerability scanner is part of which critical element of network and system security?
A. host security
B. perimeter security C. security monitoring D. policy management
Correct Answer: C

How to send community formats in SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c?
A. In SNMPv1 they are sent as clear text and in SNMPv2c they are encrypted. B. In both protocols they are sent as clear text.
C. In SNMPv1 they are sent as clear text and in SNMPv2c they are sent as part of an encrypted session. D. In both protocols they are encrypted.
Correct Answer: B

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