2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 146-150


A lot of sites of the P4S company require any-to-any connectivity. Now, P4S is running EIGRP over a full mesh of ATM VCs. It is concerned about the high number of EIGRP adjacencies that will emerge as the network grows.
Which service can be used to replace the ATM mesh?
A. MPLS TEs from PE to PE
B. pseudowires based on L2TPv3
C. pseudowires based on LDP
D. L3VPNs (RFC 2547-based) using MP-BGP
Correct Answer: D

Study the following exhibit carefully. Only the standard spanning tree is running on P4S-SWB, routers P4S- RA and P4S-RC are running EIGRP.
By which mechanism could Router P4S-RC discover the failure when the link from P4S-RA to P4S-SWB
A. by means of the expiration of the EIGRP dead timer
B. by means of the clearing of the P4S-RA bit from P4S-SWB C. as a result of the loss of carrier
D. by means of an EIGRP goodbye message from router P4S-RA
Correct Answer: A

Which description is correct about connecting an IP multicast domain that is operating in PIM dense mode to a PIM sparse mode domain?
A. The interconnection must be made at the rendezvous point of the PIM sparse mode domain.
B. The connection can be made at any location in the network, but PIM sparse mode and PIM dense mode cannot inter-operate;
IGMP must be used to provide the interconnection.
C. The connection can be made at any location in the network, as PIM sparse mode will inter-operate seamlessly with PIM
dense mode.
D. PIM dense mode and sparse mode domains are not inter-operable and cannot be connected.
Correct Answer: A

MPLS is a standards-approved technology for speeding up network traffic flow and making it easier to manage. Two MPLS service providers (SP1 and SP2) are offering inter-provider RFC 2547/4364-based IP- VPN service to an enterprise customer. IP traffic among
some of the customer’s sites has to traverse both of the service providers. The service providers and the enterprise do not know
what the minimum MTU is along the end-to-end path.
How to guarantee that large packets are not dropped for MTU-related reasons?
A. configure the IP sender or senders to clear the DF flag in the IP header
B. enable Path MTU Discovery on all devices within the enterprise
C. enable Path MTU Discovery on all devices within SP1 and SP2
D. configure the IP sender or senders to set the DF flag in the IP header
Correct Answer: B

Which two of the following Cisco router platforms support Multicast Distributed Fast Switching? (Choose two.)
A. 3600 series
B. 7200 series with NSE-1
C. 7500 series
D. 12000 series
Correct Answer: CD

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