2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 141-145


A company is using a multi-site centralized call processing model. Which feature ensures that the remote site IP phones will still have limited functionality given a WAN outage?
A. Call Admission Control
Correct Answer: D

Which option is true about how PIM sparse mode operates?
A. If an RP fails and there is no backup RP, multicast traffic will cease flowing in the network.
B. RPs can become bottlenecks, since multicast traffic must always flow through the RP and down the shared tree to get to the
C. If an RP fails and there is no backup RP, new sources that begin sending will not be discovered by the other PIM routers in
the network.
D. RPs switch each traffic flow to the shortest path tree when more than one receiver is present.
Correct Answer: C

What is the reason that you want to synchronize IGP and BGP convergence by advertising an infinite metric in OSPF or setting the overload bit in IS-IS?
A. to prevent traffic loss when the path from a router to a BGP next hop traverses another router that has not yet learned the
path via BGP
B. to prevent churning between multiple available routes reachable through IGP and BGP
C. to prevent BGP from converging faster than IGP, which can cause temporary routing loops in the network
D. to prevent routes which are learned both from IGP and BGP from forming a routing loop
Correct Answer: A

There are two hub-and-spoke networks in the following exhibit. Each has about 60 branches spread over a wide area. Connect routers P4S-RE and P4S-RF to two different frame providers. Problems with one provider have impacted branches connected to the other
provider and reaching the data center.
Which is the best place to build flooding domain boundaries to isolate these WAN issues?
A. at routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC, because this will provide a good balance between separating the complex topologies behind
routers P4S-RD, P4S-RE, and P4S-RF from the core and good route aggregation
B. at routers P4S-RB and P4S-RF, because this will provide good route aggregation and prevent routing along suboptimal paths in
the case of link failure
C. at router P4S-RA, because this will provide optimal route aggregation and prevent suboptimal routing in the case of link
D. at routers P4S-RD, P4S-RE, and P4S-RF, because this will provide good route aggregation and also separate complex
topologies within the network from one another
Correct Answer: D

When you decide on Campus QoS Design elements, which two statements correctly identify considerations to be taken into account?
A. Voice needs to be assigned to the hardware priority queue. B. Voice needs to be assigned to the software priority queue. C. Call signaling must have guaranteed bandwidth service.
D. Strict-priority queuing should be limited to 50 percent of the capacity of the link.
Correct Answer: AC

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