2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 136-140


According to the following exhibit, will traffic sourced from router P4S-RA and destined for a host on network always take the optimal path to that host?
A. No, if router P4S-RA chooses to forward traffic destined to a host on the network to router
P4S-RB, it will take a less
than optimal path to reach its destination.
B. It doesn’t matter which path to a host on router P4S-RA chooses, through router P4S-RB or router P4S-RC, since
they are equal in cost.
C. Yes, router P4S-RA has enough information to always direct traffic to router P4S-RC when forwarding traffic to a host on the network.
D. Yes, router P4S-RB will forward the traffic towards correctly, if router P4S-RA chooses that path.
Correct Answer: A

You work as a network administrator for the P4S company. You are responsible for a large-scale EIGRP
network and you have
discovered that one hub-and-spoke topology in the network is generating a lot of link flaps. You have tried many times to reduce the
number of link flaps, but it seems that the stability of the hub-and-spoke topology can not be improved. The reason for this is that
most failures seem to result from power outages in a number of locations. Which action should you take?
A. demand that uninterruptible power supplies be installed at every point in the network to prevent future outages
B. summarize the routes advertised into the core of the network to reduce the impact of these frequent failures
C. switch routing protocols to IS-IS, which handles large neighbor counts better and supports Partial SPF
by default
D. switch routing protocols to OSPF, then create area boundaries to reduce the size of fault domains
Correct Answer: B
Section: (none)

In the network presented in the following exhibit. Traffic destined for arrives at P4S-R1. Which path will the traffic take from here and why?
A. through P4S-R2, because P4S-R3 is in a different autonomous system
B. through P4S-R2, because it is an intra-area path
C. through P4S-R3, because P4S-R1 will only have a summary (type 3) LSA from P4S-R2
D. through P4S-R3, because it is the lowest cost path
Correct Answer: B

In this BGP setup shown in the following exhibit, AS 400 advertises to its peers. Border routers in AS 100 reset the next-hop router to themselves. P4S-R2, P4S-R3, and P4S-R4 are route reflector clients of P4S-R1 and P4S-R5 is a non-client iBGP peer of P4S-R1.
Which option is the BGP next hop on P4S-R5 for the address
A. P4S-R6
B. P4S-R5
C. P4S-R2
D. P4S-R4
Correct Answer: D

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