2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 131-135


Which method can most efficiently implement IP multicast in a network without using RPs?
A. RPs can’t be eliminated; they’re mandatory in multicast networks.
B. Implement PIM dense mode multicast to eliminate the need for RPs.
C. Implement source-specific multicast and utilize the functionality of IGMPv3 to replace the RPs. D. Implement source-specific multicast and utilize the functionality of IGMPv2 to replace the RPs.
Correct Answer: C

Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
B. redundant servers at the access level
C. modular block design at the access level
D. high port densities at the access level
Correct Answer: C

A service provider would like to provide a service allowing customers to span VLANs across multiple campuses. Which configuration will allow this service provider to achieve its desired result with a minimal effect on the scalability of PE routers?
A. RFC 2547-based service, with MPLS/LDP between PE and CE (in other words, CsC) B. VPWS service, with 802.1Q between PE and CE
C. RFC 2547-based service, with L2TPv3 between PE and CE D. VPWS service, with QinQ between PE and CE
Correct Answer: D

In this network presented in the following exhibit, configuring all routers to run OSPF on all interfaces. If you examine the OSPF database on P4S-R4, in which LSA will you find
A. is in a router (type 1) LSA generated by P4S-R3.
B. is in a summary (type 3) LSA originated by P4S-R3. C. is in a network (type 2) LSA originated by P4S-R3.
D. is not in any LSA in the OSPF database at P4S-R4, because P4S-R4 and P4S-R3 are in different areas.
Correct Answer: B

LLQ is short for Low Latency Queue .VoIP traffic is mapped to (LLQ) over a slow speed link. Which kind of delay will seriously affect the quality of voice for this link?
A. encoding delay
B. serialization delay C. propagation delay D. packetization delay
Correct Answer: B

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