2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 116-120


When a router running EIGRP takes alternate paths into consideration, which ones will it consider loop-free?
A. ones in which the feasible distance is the same as the best possible route
B. ones in which the reported distance is less than the feasible distance
C. ones in which the reported distance is the same as the metric of the best possible path
D. ones in which the reported distance is equal to the feasible distance
Correct Answer: B

All network devices provided in the following exhibit are running IPv6.
When host P4S-A is attached to this link, how will it discover the presence of routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC?
A. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC send out periodic gratuitous ARPv6 messages to alert newly attached hosts to their presence.
B. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC will respond to an ICMP get route request sent by host P4S-A.
C. Host P4S-A will discover routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC through the neighbor discovery process.
D. Routers P4S-RB and P4S-RC will detect the addition of the new host the first time it transmits any packets, and will send an
ICMP router discovery reply to host P4S-A.
Correct Answer: C

Which two items could be used to determine how much jitter is occurring across a customer’s existing network? (Choose two.)
A. synthetic transactions in conjunction with Service Assurance Agent (IP SLA)
B. SNMP GET requests and put commands between CallManager and VoIP phones
C. external test equipment
D. RMON probes
Correct Answer: AC

You are the Cisco Network Designer in P4S. Which is not
major scaling, sizing, and performance consideration for an IPsec design?
A. connection speed
B. number of remote sites
C. features to be supported
D. types of devices at the remote site
Correct Answer: D

In secure IP multicast, which protocol handles group key management?
C. IPsec
D. SHA-256
Correct Answer: A

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