2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 106-110


Which is the way that an OSPF ABR uses to prevent summary route information from being re-advertised from an area into the network core (Area 0)?
A. It advertises only inter-area summaries to the backbone. B. It advertises only intra-area summaries to the backbone.
C. It sends only locally originated summaries to the backbone.
D. It compares the area number on the summary LSA to the local area.
Correct Answer: C

You are a network technician for the P4S Ltd. You are redistributing between EIGRP autonomous systems
100 and 200. Assume that
there are no routing filters or aggregation applied anyplace in the network, which item is the result when a query originating in AS
100 reaches the router redistributing between the two autonomous systems?
A. The redistributing router will reply to the query in AS 100, and generate a new query in AS 200.
B. The redistributing router will reply to the query in AS 100, and send an update indicating the new routing information in AS
C. The redistributing router will forward the query from AS 100 into AS 200.
D. The redistributing router will generate a new query into AS 200, and wait until it has received a reply
before responding in AS
Correct Answer: A

While adjusting the LSA generation time in OSPF, which two factors should be taken into consideration? (Choose two.)
A. number of locally generated LSAs
B. interface stability
C. target convergence time
D. size of the area
Correct Answer: BC

Which roaming option will keep them on the same IP subnet when client traffic is being bridged through
LAN interfaces on two WLCs?
A. Layer 1 intercontroller roaming B. Layer 2 intercontroller roaming C. Layer 3 intercontroller roaming D. Layer 4 intercontroller roaming
Correct Answer: B

Which two items are true concerning H-VPLS? (Choose two.)
A. Split horizon is enabled to avoid loops. B. There is a full mesh of pseudowires.
C. There is a partial mesh of pseudowires.
D. Split horizon is disabled to forward packets.
Correct Answer: CD

Study the following exhibit carefully, assume that routers P4S-RJ, P4S-RK, P4S-RL, and P4S-RM are optimally aggregating towards routers P4S-RA, P4S-RB, P4S-RC, and P4S-RD.
Vlhich illustrated network would most improve fault isolation?
Network INct rk2
A. A B. B C. C D. D
Correct Answer: C

Which two items are true about QoS in MPLS VPN (RFC 2547bis) networks? (Choose two.)
A. On egress from the Edge-LSR, the EXP field is used for PHB QoS towards the CE.
B. MPLS can force packets into specific paths and bandwidths based on Edge-LSR mapping of DSCP to
C. DiffServ information must be made known to the LSR in the MPLS header using the EXP field.
D. MPLS QoS is a scalable and simple solution because it only requires application at the Edge-LSR.
Correct Answer: BC

The network designer is interested in which NetFlow feature?
A. the location of the collector and the amount of flow information sent to it B. the location of the OSS and the number of call detail records sent to it C. the NetFlow version number, sample rate, and type of collector
D. the amount of sample flow information sent to the correlation engine and the frequency with which it is sent
Correct Answer: A

Which advantage is of creating an in-band instead of an out-of-band management network?
A. separate transport equipment
B. lower equipment costs
C. protection of production traffic
D. protection of management traffic
Correct Answer: B

Scalability is provided in the server farm module by which of the following design strategies?
A. up to 10 Gbps of bandwidth at the access level
B. redundant servers at the access level
C. modular block design at the access level
D. high port densities at the access level
Correct Answer: C

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