2013 Latest ADVDESIGN CCDE 352-001 exam 101-105


Which two practices need to be implemented to increase SNMPv1 security? (Choose two.)
A. Use SNMP encryption for transport confidentiality.
B. Use ACLs to allow only specific IP addresses to poll SNMP.
C. Use a combination of alphanumeric characters for the community strings. D. Restrict access to the specific SNMP engine IDs in use.
Correct Answer: BC

For the following items, which one is the weakness of rate limiting as a response to a DoS attack?
A. Rate limiting does not detect attacks.
B. Rate limiting is too processor-intensive.
C. Rate limiting does not drop enough packets. D. Rate limiting only works on inbound traffic.
Correct Answer: A

Fair queuing is a scheduling algorithm used in computer and telecommunications networks to allow multiple packet flows to fairly share the link capacity. How does Fair Queuing divide bandwidth?
A. equally between all flows
B. between all destinations relative to traffic load
C. equally between all classes of service
D. between classes of service based on traffic load
Correct Answer: A

A certain service provider is supporting a customer who uses IPsec tunnels between dual-homed CE routers. The service provider carries infrastructure routes using OSPF and carries tunnel endpoints using BGP. Which two steps will be taken by the service provider to provide fast convergence in case of node failure in its network? (Choose
A. tune OSPF on all routers
B. tune BGP on all routers
C. carry IPsec tunnels in L2TPv3 among PE routers
D. carry IPsec tunnels in VPLS among PE routers
Correct Answer: AB

Sun Stable is a global insurance company with headquarters located in Houston, Texas. The campus there is made up of a number of office buildings located within the same vicinity. In 2003, a new building, Building
331B was added. The additional building houses
approximately 1000 employees. Rather than deploy a private branch exchange (PBX) in the new building, Sun Stable has decided to
implement an IP telephony solution. External calls will be carried across a MAN link to another building, where a gateway connects
into the worldwide PBX network of Sun Stable. Voice mail and unified messaging components are required and all IP phones and
workstations should be on separate VLANs and IP subnets. Which IP telephony deployment best suits their need?
A. single-site
B. multisite with centralized call processing C. multisite with distributed call processing D. clustering over the WAN
Correct Answer: A

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