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1.       QUESTION

What should be done prior to backing up an IOS image to a TFTP server? (Choose three.)


A.     Make sure that the server can be reached across the network.

B.     Check that authentication for TFTP access to the server is set.

C.     Assure that the network server has adequate space for the IOS image.

D.     Verify file naming and path requirements.

E.      Make sure that the server can store binary files.

F.      Adjust the TCP window size to speed up the transfer.


Answer: ACD



2.       QUESTION

Refer to the exhibit:


The two exhibit devices are the only Cisco devices on the network. The serial network between the two devices has a mask of Given the output that is shown, what three statements are true of these devices? (Choose three.)


A.     The Manchester serial address is

B.     The Manchester serial address is

C.     The London router is a Cisco 2610.

D.     The Manchester router is a Cisco 2610.

E.      The CDP information was received on port Serial0/0 of the Manchester router.

F.      The CDP information was sent by port Serial0/0 of the London Router.


Answer: ACE



3.       QUESTION

Refer to the exhibit:


A router boots to the prompt shown in the exhibit. What does this signify, and how should the network administrator respond?


A.  This prompt signifies that the configuration file was not found in NVRAM. The network administrator should follow the prompts to enter a basic configuration.

B.  The prompt signifies that the configuration file was not found in flash memory. The network administrator should use TFTP to transfer a configuration file to the router.

C.  The prompt signifies that the IOS image in flash memory is invalid or corrupted. The network administrator should use TFTP to transfer an IOS image to the router.

D.  The prompt signifies that the router could not authenticate the user. The network administrator should modify the IOS image and reboot the router.


Answer: C



4.       QUESTION

Refer to the exhibit:


Why is flash memory erased prior to upgrading the IOS image from the TFTP server?


A.  The router cannot verify that the Cisco IOS image currently in flash is valid

B.  Flash memory on Cisco routers can contain only a single IOS image.

C.  Erasing current flash content is requested during the copy dialog.

D.  In order for the router to use the new image as the default, it must be the only IOS image in flash.


Answer: C



5.       QUESTION

Refer to the exhibit:


For what two reasons has the router loaded its IOS image from the location that is shown? (Choose two.)


A.  Router1 has specific boot system commands that instruct it to load IOS from a TFTP server.

B.  Router1 is acting as a TFTP server for other routers.

C.  Router1 cannot locate a valid IOS image in flash memory.

D.  Router1 defaulted to ROMMON mode and loaded the IOS image from a TFTP server.

E.  Cisco routers will first attempt to load an image from TFTP for management purposes.


Answer: AC



6.       QUESTION

Which two privileged mode Cisco IOS commands can be used to determine a Cisco router chassis serial number? (Choose two)


A.       show inventory

B.       show flash:filesys

C.       dir flash:|include chassis

D.       show diag

E.        show controllers


Answer: AD



7.       QUESTION

Which command helps a network administrator to manage memory by displaying flash memory and NVRAM utilization?


A.       show secure

B.       show file systems

C.       show flash

D.       show version


Answer: B



8.       QUESTION

Refer to the exhibit.


What is the effect of the configuration that is shown?


A.  It tells the router or switch to try establish an SSH connection first and if that fail to use telnet.

B.  It configures a cisco network device to use the SSH protocol on incoming communications via the virtual terminal ports.

C.  It allows seven failed login attempts before the VTY lines are temporarily shutdown.

D.  It configures the virtual terminal lines with the password 030752180500.

E.  It configures SSH globally for all logins.


Answer: B



9.       QUESTION

Which commands is necessary to permit SSH and Telnet access to a Catalyst?


A.  transport type all

B.  transport output all

C.  transport preferred all

D.  transport input all


Answer: D




Refer to the exhibit:


The networks connected to router R2 have been summarized as a route and sent to R1. Which two packet destination addresses will R1 forward to R2? (Choose two.)









Answer: BE


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