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1.       QUESTION

Which two of these are used by bridges and switches to prevent loops in a layer 2 network? (Choose two.)


A.  802.1D


C.  802.1Q




Answer: AD



2.       QUESTION

Which switch would STP choose to become the root bridge in the selection process?


A.     32768: 11-22-33-44-55-66

B.     32768: 22-33-44-55-66-77

C.     32769: 11-22-33-44-55-65

D.     32769: 22-33-44-55-66-78


Answer: A



3.       QUESTION

A company implements video conferencing over IP on their Ethernet LAN. The users notice that the network slows down, and the video either stutters or fails completely. What is the most likely reason for this?


A.       minimum cell rate (MCR)

B.       quality of service (QoS)

C.       modulation

D.       packet switching exchange (PSE)

E.        reliable transport protocol (RTP)


Answer: B



4.       QUESTION

A network administrator must configure 200 switch ports to accept traffic from only the currently attached host devices. What would be the most efficient way to configure MAC-level security on all these ports?


A.  Visually verify the MAC addresses and then telnet to the switches to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.

B.  Have end users e-mail their MAC addresses. Telnet to the switch to enter the switchport-port security mac-address command.

C.  Use the switchport port-security MAC address sticky command on all the switch ports that have end devices connected to them.

D.  Use show mac-address-table to determine the addresses that are associated with each port and then enter the commands on each switch for MAC address port-security.


Answer: C



5.       QUESTION

An administrator would like to configure a switch over a virtual terminal connection from locations outside of the local LAN. Which of the following are required in order for the switch to be configured from a remote location? (Choose two.)


A.     The switch must be configured with an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.

B.     The switch must be connected to a router over a VLAN trunk.

C.     The switch must be reachable through a port connected to its management VLAN.

D.     The switch console port must be connected to the Ethernet LAN.

E.      The switch management VLAN must be created and have a membership of at least one switch port.

F.      The switch must be fully configured as an SNMP agent.


Answer: AC



6.       QUESTION

Which of the following are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose two.)


A.     Bridges are faster than switches because they have fewer ports.

B.     A switch is a multiport bridge.

C.     Bridges and switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source MAC address of each frame received.

D.     A bridge will forward a broadcast but a switch will not.

E.      Bridges and switches increase the size of a collision domain.


Answer: BC



7.       QUESTION

Which of the following statements are true regarding bridges and switches? (Choose three)


A.     Switches are primarily software based while bridges are hardware based.

B.     Both bridges and switches forward Layer 2 broadcasts.

C.     Bridges are frequently faster than switches.

D.     Switches have a higher number of ports than most bridges.

E.      Bridges define broadcast domains while switches define collision domains.

F.      Both bridges and switches make forwarding decisions based on Layer 2 addresses.


Answer: BDF



8.       QUESTION

A network administrator wants to ensure that only the server can connect to port Fa0/1 on a Catalyst switch. The server is plugged into the switch Fa0/1 port and the network administrator is about to bring the server online. What can the administrator do to ensure that only the MAC address of the server is allowed by switch port Fa0/1? (Choose two.)


A.     Configure port Fa0/1 to accept connections only from the static IP address of the server.

B.     Employ a proprietary connector type on Fa0/1 that is incompatible with other host connectors.

C.     Configure the MAC address of the server as a static entry associated with port Fa0/1.

D.     Bind the IP address of the server to its MAC address on the switch to prevent other hosts from spoofing the server IP address.

E.      Configure port security on Fa0/1 to reject traffic with a source MAC address other than that of the server.

F.      Configure an access list on the switch to deny server traffic from entering any port other than Fa0/1.


Answer: CE



9.       QUESTION

The network security policy requires that only one host be permitted to attach dynamically to each switch interface. If that policy is violated, the interface should shut down. Which two commands must the network administrator configure on the 2950 Catalyst switch to meet this policy? (Choose two.)


A.     Switch1(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 1

B.     Switch1(config)# mac-address-table secure

C.     Switch1(config)# access-list 10 permit ip host

D.     Switch1(config-if)# switchport port-security violation shutdown

E.      Switch1(config-if)# ip access-group 10


Answer: AD




What are the possible trunking modes for a switch port? (Choose three.)


A.     transparent

B.     auto

C.     on

D.     desirable

E.      client

F.      forwarding


Answer: BCD


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