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For which type of connection should a straight-through cable be used?


A.     switch to switch

B.     switch to hub

C.     switch to router

D.     hub to hub

E.      router to PC


Answer: C




Which type of cable is used to connect the COM port of a host to the COM port of a router or switch?


A.     crossover

B.     straight-through

C.     rolled

D.     shielded twisted-pair


Answer: C




What is the first 24 bits in a MAC address called?


A.     NIC

B.     BIA

C.     OUI

D.     VAI


Answer: C




In an Ethernet network, under what two scenarios can devices transmit? (Choose two.)


A.     when they receive a special token

B.     when there is a carrier

C.     when they detect no other devices are sending

D.     when the medium is idle

E.      when the server grants access


Answer: CD




Which two benefits are provided by using a hierarchical addressing network addressing scheme? (Choose two.)


A.     reduces routing table entries

B.     auto-negotiation of media rates

C.     efficient utilization of MAC addresses

D.     dedicated communications between devices

E.      ease of management and troubleshooting


Answer: AE




When a host transmits data across a network to another host, which process does the data go through?


A.  standardization

B.  conversion

C.  encapsulation

D.  synchronization


Answer: C




Which two Ethernet fiber-optic modes support distances of greater than 550 meters?


A.  1000BASE-CX

B.  100BASE-FX

C.  1000BASE-LX

D.  1000BASE-SX

E.  1000BASE-ZX


Answer: CE




Refer to the exhibit:



What type of connection would be supported by the cable diagram shown?


A.  PC to router

B.  PC to switch

C.  server to router

D.  router to router


Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit:


What type of connection would be supported by the cable diagram shown?


A.  PC to router

B.  PC to switch

C.  server to switch

D.  switch to router


Answer: A




Which two topologies are using the correct type of twisted-pair cables? (Choose two.)

A.   clip_image004

B.   clip_image005

C.  clip_image006

D.  clip_image007

E.  clip_image009


Answer: DE


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