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What are the default values for GRE tunnel keeplive time and number of retries?


A.  5 seconds and 3 retries
B.  10 seconds and 5 retries
C.  10 seconds and 3 retries
D.  20 seconds and 5 retries
E.  5 seconds and 5 retries


Answer: C




Refer to the exhibit.




All routers are running IS-IS. Which routers must be Level 2 routers?


A.  B, D, E and G
B.  A, D, E, and H
C.  B, C, F, and G

D.  B, C, E, F, and G

E.  A, B, C, D, F, G, and H


Answer: D




In PIM-SM operations, to which device does the first router that connects with the multicast source send the register message?


A.  RP

B.  multicast source

C.  IGMP router

D.  multicast receiver

E.  PIM designated router


Answer: A




clip_image004Refer to the exhibit










Which three statements describe r RIB-Failure in the show ip bgp command output? (Choose three)
A.  It is a redundancy route.

B.  It is a route with a better administrative distance already present in IGP.

C.  The number of routes in VRF exceeds the route limit that is configured under the VRF instance.
D.  It is a rerouting entry

E.  It indicates memory failure


Answer: BCD




Process-level redundancy is implemented by a system manager process that creates the standby process. What two functions are provided by the system-level process called Qnet Symlink Manager (QSM)? (Choose two.)


A.  backing up the information for the broken connections

B.  provides common information for connecting processes and services

C.  detection of a failed connection

D.  provides an abstract name for a process or service

E.  distribution of symbolic link information


Answer: DE




Which two statements about NTP version 4 are true? (Choose two)


A.  It supports fast synchronization at starting and before network failures.
B.  It supports automatic server discovery.

C.  It uses a fixed-point arithmetic

D.  It supports the “nanokernel” kernel implementation.
E.  It does not support Public-Key Cryptography


Answer: BD




Which three statements about BGP confederation and route reflectors are true? (Choose three)


A.  Clusters are used in confederation schemes to avoid loops.

B.  BGP network can have a confederation within a route reflector area.

C.  An internal BGP network cannot have a route reflector within a confederation.
D.  An internal BGP network can have a route reflector within a confederation.

E.  Clusters are used in route reflector schemes to avoid loops.

F.  BGP network cannot have a confederation within a route reflector area.


Answer: DEF




Where are MPLS point-to-multipoint traffic engineering packets replicated?


A.  head-end router

B.  branch-point router

C.  midpoint router
D.  leaf-point router
E.  tail-end router


Answer: B




Which statement about the Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) node protection operation is not correct?


A.  It requires a next-next hop backup tunnel.

B.  Point of local repair (PLR) swaps the next hop label and pushes the backup label.

C.  The backup tunnel terminates on the merge point (MP) where traffic rejoins the primary tunnel.
D.  The backup tunnel can have associated bandwidth capacity.

E.  Restoration time is expected under 50 ms.


Answer: E




Option 10C is an implementation of Inter-AS MPLS VPN. Which two statements about Option 10C

are true? (Choose two.)


A.  Great scalability is offered

B.  Route Target Rewrite must be configured on ASBRs

C.  Multihop EBGP is utilized between route reflectors

D.  Multihop EBGP is utilized between ASBRs

E.  The ASBRs hold VPNv4 routes


Answer: AC


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