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What is the default maximum transmission unit on the Cisco router ATM interface?


A.  4470 bytes
B.  1516 bytes
C.  9288 bytes
D.  1500 bytes
E.  1492 bytes


Answer: A




Which four services use the inner labels of an MPLS label stack? (Choose four)



B.  switching path in MPLS core

C.  Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering and Fast Reroute

D.  MPLS over ATM

E.  VPN over Traffic Engineering core

F.  any transport over MPLS


Answer: ACEF




Which three statements about bidirectional PIM are true? (Choose three)


A.  Traffic for a bidirectional group flows along the one shared tree and simultaneously utilizes multiple paths in a redundant network topology.

B.  It does not require any traffic signaling in the protocol

C.  Membership to a bidirectional group is signaled using explicit Join messages.
D.  It maintains source-specific forwarding state.

E.  It reduces memory, bandwidth, and CPU requirements

Answer: BCE




Which statement about OSPF authentication is true?


A.  To enable OSPF authentication in a network, OSPF area 0 authentications must be enabled first.
B.  The payload of OSPF version 3 packets contains no authentication information.

C.  OSPF version 3 supports Advanced Encryption Standard

D.  OSPF version 3 uses router ID as a key to encrypt OSPF hello packets.

E.  OSPF MD5 authentication uses TCP, and Plan Test authentication uses UDP.


Answer: B




Which three statements about L2TPv3 are true? (Choose three)


A.  L2TPv3 Frame Relay support includes only 32-bit DLCI addressing.
B.  L2TPv3 sessions do not support Frame Relay LMI interworking.

C.  Multipoint DLCI is not supported.

D.  To use DCE or a Network-to-Network Interface on a Frame Relay port, you must configure the frame- relay switching command.

E.  L2TPv3 feature does not support Frame Relay extended addressing.


Answer: BDE




Which statement about Software Maintenance Upgrade is true?


A.  CRS-1 SMU can be applied to a different platform, and vice versa.

B.  SMU is an executable code for running a process or libraries that are shared between the different processes.

C.  SMUs for each release are individually downloadable from Cisco.com and come in the form of a tar ball.

D.  SMUs provide software fixes for critical network down and qualification blocking issues. Therefore, every software defect has a corresponding SMU.

E.  SMUs are release-specific. If an issue affects multiple platforms or releases, an SMU is built separately for each release and each platform.


Answer: E




Which three statements about the Cisco MPLS TE Fast Reroute (FRR) process are true? (Choose three.)


A.  TE tunnels that are configured with the FRR option cannot be used as backup tunnels.
B.  TE tunnels that are configured with the FRR option can be used as backup tunnels.

C.  The backup tunnel that is used to protect a physical interface must have a valid IP address configured.
D.  Interfaces must use MPLS global label allocation.

E.  The source IP address of use backup tunnel and the merge point (MP) should not be reachable.


Answer: ACD




Which three of these are major components of an MPLS VPN network? (Choose three)

A.  LDP notification

B.  L2TPv3 session

C.  VPN route target communities

D.  Multiprotocol BGP peering of PE routers

E.  MPLS forwarding


Answer: CDE




Which two Any Transport over MPLS (AToM) traffic encapsulations require the use of a control word? (Choose two)





D.  Ethernet VLAN
E.  Frame Relay


Answer: BE




Which two statements about spanning tree path cost are true? (Choose two)


A.  The path cost can be changed for an interface using the spanning-tree cost command.
B.  The path cost can be changed for an interface using the stp path-cost command.

C.  The SPT default path cost depends on the interface speed.
D.  The STP default path cost is similar for all interface.


Answer: AC


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