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Which of the following IOS commands cause syslog messages to be stamped with time and dates?


A.  logging datetime on

B.  service timestamps log datetime

C.  service logging datetime

D.  logging timestamps on

E.  logging trap datetime


Answer: B




In the context of GMPLS,LMP stands for;


A.  None of above

B.  Label Management Protocol
C.  Loop Management Protocol
D.  Link Management Protocol
E.  Load Management Protocol


Answer: D




Which of the following statements is correct regarding PIM Sparse Mode operations?


A.  Receivers are ???registered??? with RP by their first-hop router

B.  It supports shared trees only assuming all hosts want the multicast traffic

C.  From the RP, traffic flows down a Source Tree to each receiver

D.  It does not support all underlying unicast routing protocols like GBP

E.  Receivers are ???joined??? to the Shared Tree (rooted the rp ) by their local Designated Router (DR)


Answer: E




Which statements are correct for forwarding traffic into MPLS TE tunnels? (Choose 3)


A.  Autoroute causes the tunnel to be treated as a directly connected link to the head- end.

B.  Autoroute causes the TE head-end to establish IGP adjacency with the tail-end over the tunnel.
C.  Forwarding adjacency makes the TE head-end node advertise the Tunnel LSP into the IGP.

D.  Forwarding adjacency supports unequal cost load balancing over multiple TE tunnels.


Answer: ACD




Select two valid administratively scoped multicast addresses in networks running Interior Gateway protocols like EIGRP and OSPF







Answer: AC




In which of the following lists of APS Action Requests is the priority correctly arranged from lowest to highest?


A.  Wait-to-Restore, Manual Switch, Forced Switch, Lockout of Protection
B.  Wait-to-Restore, Forced Switch, Manual Switch, Lockout of Protection.
C.  Manual Switch, Wait-to-Restore, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch.
D.  Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch, Manual Switch, Wait-to-Restore
E.  Lockout of Protection, Manual Switch, Forced Switch, Wait-to-Restore
F.  Wait-to-Restore, Manual Switch, Lockout of Protection, Forced Switch


Answer: A




What is the action of “pop” in the context of MPLS switching?


A.  It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with a set of labels.
B.  It replaces the top label in the MPLS label stack with another value.
C.  None of above.

D.  It removes the top label in the MPLS label stack.
E.  It adds a top label in MPLS label stack.


Answer: D




What is the encapsulation mode for MPLS running on Ethernet?


A.  Transparent mode.
B.  Frame mode

C.  Channel mode
D.  Packet mode.
E.  Tunnel mode.


Answer: B




The show ip ospf database external command displays information about which OSPF LSA type?

A.  LSA type 1

B.  LSA type 2

C.  LSA type 7

D.  LSA type 3

E.  LSA type 9

F.  LSA type 5


Answer: F




Forwarding Equivalence Class (FEC) corresponds to :


A.  Layer 2 circuits (ATM, FR, PPP, HDLC, Ethernet)
B.  Groups of addresses/sites-VPN x

C.  IPSEC Encryption Algorithm

D.  A bridge/switch instance-VSI

E.  Tunnel interface-traffic engineering


Answer: ABDE


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