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Which multicast routing mechanism is optimal to support many-to-many multicast applications?


A.        PIM-SM

B.        MOSPF

C.        DVMRP

D.       BIDIR-PIM

E.        MSDP


Answer: D




Which three statements regarding VLANs are true? (Choose three.)


A.        To create a new VLAN on a Cisco Catalyst switch, the VLAN name, VLAN ID and VLAN type must all be specifically configured by the administrator.

B.        A VLAN is a broadcast domain.

C.        Each VLAN must have an SVI configured on the Cisco Catalyst switch for it to be operational.

D.        The native VLAN is used for untagged traffic on an 802.1Q trunk.

E.         VLANs can be connected across wide-area networks.


Answer: BDE




Which technology, configured on the Cisco ASA, allows Active Directory authentication credentials to be applied automatically to web forms that require authentication for clientless SSL connections?


A.        one-time passwords

B.        certificate authentication

C.        user credentials obtained during authentication

D.       Kerberos authentication


Answer: C




In what subnet does address reside?








Answer: D




Given the IPv4 address, which two addresses are valid IPv4-compatible IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)


A.        :::A:A:64:10

B.        ::10:10:100:16

C.        0:0:0:0:0:10:10:100:16

D.       0:0:10:10:100:16:0:0:0


Answer: BC




What is the size of a point-to-point GRE header, and what is the protocol number at the IP layer?


A.        8 bytes, and protocol number 74

B.        4 bytes, and protocol number 47

C.        2 bytes, and protocol number 71

D.       24 bytes, and protocol number 1

E.        8 bytes, and protocol number 47


Answer: B




Refer to the exhibit. Which three fields of the IP header labeled can be used in a spoofing attack? (Choose one.)



A.        6, 7, 11

B.        6, 11, 12

C.        3, 11, 12

D.       4, 7, 11


Answer: A




When implementing WLAN security, what are three benefits of using the TKIP instead of WEP? (Choose three.)


A.        TKIP uses an advanced encryption scheme based on AES.

B.        TKIP provides authentication and integrity checking using CBC-MAC.

C.        TKIP provides per-packet keying and a rekeying mechanism.

D.        TKIP provides message integrity check.

E.         TKIP reduces WEP vulnerabilities by using a different hardware encryption chipset.

F.         TKIP uses a 48-bit initialization vector.


Answer: CDF




Which two statements about SHA are correct? (Choose two.)


A.        Five 32-bit variables are applied to the message to produce the 160-bit hash.

B.        The message is split into 64-bit blocks for processing.

C.        The message is split into 512-bit blocks for processing.

D.       SHA-2 and MD5 both consist of four rounds of processing.


Answer: AC




Which three statements about IKEv2 are correct? (Choose three.)


A.        INITIAL_CONTACT is used to synchronize state between peers.

B.        The IKEv2 standard defines a method for fragmenting large messages.

C.        The initial exchanges of IKEv2 consist of IKE_SA_INIT and IKE_AUTH.

D.        Rekeying IKE and child SAs is facilitated by the IKEv2 CREATE_CHILD_SA exchange.

E.         NAT-T is not supported.

F.         Attribute policy push (via the configuration payload) is only supported in REQUEST/REPLY mode.


Answer: ACD


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